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Positive, Encouraging, Guidance & Consulting as a Psychic Spiritual Medium

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Odette has many lifetimes of experience and is a highly sensitive being. She's been described by some as a Pantheon which aided in the design of the Pyramids, A Starseed, A High Priestess, A Mentor, An Intuitive, A Psychic Medium, An Oracle, A Powerful Witch, A Wise One, An Enchantress & A Spellcaster.  She has been gifted with all the Clair's. She's certified in Palmistry, Astrology & Tarot, she's also a Certified life coach.  She studied under a highly gifted and renowned Master Teacher, Shaman, & Author "Granddaughter Crow". Over many years, she has studied many occult and religions on her Quest to mastering her desired craft(s). Having lifetimes of wisdom and she's gifted to work with many tools of divination she can and has also created her own tools of divination that are very powerful. She's versed in crystal magick, candle magick, spirit communication, witchcraft of many lands including Olde World Magick. She mastered manifestation and intention( Human Design: A Pure Manafeasting Generator). By combining her wisdom and gifts she is able to provide a valuable service to humankind and help our Planet Mother Gaia. She takes her time to listen to her Guides, Spirit, and other entities trying to come through with messages for each Querent (the person getting the reading). In each reading she utilizes Tarot, Oracle, Animal Spirits, Channelling, Spirit Guided Intuition, Positive Affirmations & Energy, Crystal Magick, she also loves to give gifts and beautiful surprises within her readings!  

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Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships

Guidance for Future Goals and Desire

Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Youtube Video Link Sessions:
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